About LemLem

LEMLEM KENTIBA-PAIGE was born to Eritrean parents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, went to high school in Dallas, Texas, and attended undergraduate and graduate school in Maryland. A cyber security engineer with a master’s degree in information technology, Lemlem resides with her family in Maryland.

Lemlem is the loving mother of a son who at the age of two did not speak and doctors feared had autism. For the next three years, Lemlem and her husband took their son to both speech therapy and occupational therapy five times a week as well as applied behavioral therapy for five hours a day five times a week; he also received additional help on the weekends. Today, their son has fully recovered and shows no signs of autism. This is her first book.

“Each parent or guardian should advocate and show up for their child because we are the key to their success. Understanding, acceptance, kindness and compassion are what our children need to achieve their goals and succeed in life.” – Lemlem Kentiba-Paige

Book Title

Discover how Young King Yosef overcame the challenges he faced. Yosef is an amazing child who loves and enjoys life to the fullest. This story is about a young boy whose challenges began with a speech delay. The speech delay caused social, emotional and behavioral problems that led to a possible Autism diagnosis. Yosef worked very hard in speech, occupational, and applied behavioral therapy to overcome his challenges. Yosef is now able to talk and no longer has any of the challenges or signs of Autism. This book will help everyone understand the challenges children with speech delay, sensory issues and Autism diagnosis face each day.

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